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Company’s Target

Tednologies, Inc. was created to satisfy the need for proper containers to ship perishable products. TEDSBOX® was designed around the actual needs of the following perishables markets; foods, flowers, medicines, fish processors, air carriers, commodity forwarders, restaurateurs, rural Alaska retailers and pharmaceutical companies. Now shippers have a complete active Cool-Chain system that’s secure… from the fishing grounds in Bristol bay, Alaska to the restaurant in Rome.

Door to Door Solutions

Producer to Consumer with the same container accepted on truck, train, aircraft and ship. No more re-packaging and re-handling or the associated costs, loss of quality, time and contamination. The TEDSBOX® can sit on the tarmac for a day or two on battery power, indefinitely if plugged into a proper power source without risk of spoilage.

Member Association Links:

SAM-Systems Award Management
PTAC-Procurement Technical Assistance Center
ARSA-Aeronautical Repair Station Association
AEDC-Anchorage Economic Development Corporation
Cool Chain Association
Made in Alaska


Other Useful Links:

FAA-Federal Aviation Administration
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
University of Alaska Small Business Development Center
NTSB-National Transportation Safety Board
UAA-University of Alaska Anchorage Logistics

Tednologies, Inc. is a sister company of Harman’s Repair Station. HarmansRepair.com