TEDSBOX RKN Loading on plane

The TEDSBOX® Active RKN (air cargo container) simplifies logistics by providing a fully multimodal cargo container that can be optimized to securely ship perishable and temperature sensitive products without breaking the cold chain.

operational advantages

Lightest active RKN with allowable cargo weight of 2022 - 2702 lbs.
Largest active RKN cargo space with internal volume of 106 CF.
Light RTM body for improved insulation, durability, and sanitization.
Double door configuration to accommodate hand stacked or palletized cargo.
Low center of gravity to prevent tipping.
Zero CO2 emissions.
Compatible with a variety of temperature tracking devices.
Easy to use controls.
Lease, fleet, and broker agreements available.

RKN Cold Chain Solution Tedsbox


Forklift, Pallet jack, and Roller deck compatible.
Can be used on upper and lower decks.
Designed to exceed the rigors of commercial transportation.

active cooling & heating

+/- 2° F    +/-1.1°C
32° to 95° F    0° to 25° C
*No dry ice required*

six optional power modules

Can be tailored to specific operations.
Run time from 22.5 -135 hours
(Δ T 35° F   19.4°C).
Compatible with 100 - 240 Volts, 48 - 60 Hertz.

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