The TEDSBOX® active RKN air cargo container provides a secure multimodal cold chain cargo solution that can be optimized to meet the needs of the logistics provider. The TEDSBOX® RKN is an active (electric) cold chain cargo container that heats and cools within +/- 2°F from 32-89°F without the need for additives such as dry ice. TEDSBOX® RKN is designed around the actual needs of logisticians dealing with problematic perishable markets such as pharmaceuticals and other high value temperature sensitive goods. Careful consideration was given to how cold chain products are handled by end users in loading and unloading cargo, multimodal transportation, and warehouse operations. By using the TEDSBOX® active RKN, logisticans avoid high infrastructures and operations costs associated with traditional cold chain service. The TEDSBOX® active RKN was designed to bridge the cold chain logistics gaps in a cost-effective manner that other alternatives failed to consider. Enabling logisticians to offer door-to-door, uninterrupted cold chain transportation services. The TEDSBOX® composite body allows logisticians to select FAA-approved tracking and tracing hardware of their choice and use them on our RKN. The lack of metal allows for the tracking and tracing devices to be used in real time. We have extensively tested market leading SenseAware tools and validated that will transmit data while in use with the TEDSBOX®.

A critical difference between the TEDSBOX® LD-3 and our competition is the six variable power modules. The TEDSBOX® can potentially remove up to 680 pounds by removing some of the power modules reducing overall tare weight. This key product advantage is that a shipper can tailor a TEDSBOX® to their needs and does not have to pay to ship additional weight of excess battery capacity. The TEDSBOX® LD-3 variable power modules allow logisticians to select the best battery complement for their selected routs. This enables the logistics providers to reduce the tare weight and carry more goods or have a longer battery life for extreme temperatures or longer transit time. Tednologies Inc. TEDSBOX® RKN power modules are located on the bottom of the container moving the weight distribution to lower the center of gravity. This makes TEDSBOX® RKN a much more stable container and less prone to tipping over when empty.

Many product-related competitive advantages come from the design, materials, and manufacturing process. The TEDSBOX® RKN was designed for and constructed out of light resin transfer molded (RTM) insulated panels. The Tednologies team re-thought the concept of the traditional flat panel RNK into a three-dimensional polygon; increasing strength and durability. The unique design maximizes the interior volume and minimizes the joints. This design enhances the dimensional stability by using light RTM composite panels by eliminating the need for aluminum-reinforced joints. By using light RTM for the body, Tednologies decreased the comparative weight by more than 200lbs.