TEDSBOX RKN Loading on plane

Tednologies is a logistics enabler. We produce solutions to help solve cold chain logistics issues. Tednologies offers short- and long-term lease options with clear terms and conditions, no hidden fees or surcharges. Our primary focus is working with logistics providers long-term. Tednologies puts operational control of the TEDSBOX® at our leasing partner’s disposal.

To lease a TEDSBOX® you need to enter into a Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with Tednologies. Master Lease Agreements (MLAs) are available for all logistics providers: third party logistic providers, airlines, freight forwarders, and air cargo integrators. As a lessee partner, you may receive a discount based on the extent of the business that you do with Tednologies.


  • Round Trip Leases requires to be returned to designated TEDSBOX® service location.
  • Leasee is responsible for freight to and from service location.
  • Short Term Lease is limited to available stock on hand.
  • *New Client (Prospective Broker, Fleet and Long Term leasees) TEDSBOX® demonstration models for evaluation and testing upon request.

Benefits of long term lease operating leases:

  • Priority lease placement over short term leases
  • Equipment Optimization: Equipment is tailored, from the factory, to meet your logistics needs. Giving you the ability to choose the optimal power modules and interior options. Giving you a competitive advantage.
  • Equipment Management: Ability to manage your own equipment
  • Maintenance support: Regular equipment maintenance conducted by Tednologies or a designated representative
  • Ability to brand equipment with approved decals
  • Broker and Fleet lease options available
  • Flexibility to sub-lease equipment with broker agreement- ULD Providers
  • Brokerage & Fleet Discounts available depending on quantity of TEDSBOX® leased
  • Please contact Tednologies for Brokerage & Fleet lease agreements