Tednologies, Inc.


Our Vision: Create cost effective solutions to strengthen cold chain logistics

Our Mission: Develop active cold chain cargo solutions to enable aviation-based third-party logistics providers


RKN Cold Chain Solution Tedsbox

Tednologies was originally formed to satisfy the need for proper air cargo containers to ship perishable products (cold chain) in Alaska. Rural Alaskan communities needed a cost effective cargo solution that could service outing villages and reduce waste and spoilage. Given the temperature extremes and logistic issues faced in Alaska this product needed to be environmentally controlled, robustly built, and easy to operate. After many niche cold chain products, Tednologies realigned its efforts to target the broader cold chain market, selecting the LD3 as its Flagship platform. This eventually led to the TEDSBOX® RKN design.

The TEDSBOX® family of cargo containers offers logistics providers a more effective and consistent method of delivering temperature-sensitive products. TEDSBOX® RKN is designed around the actual needs of logisticians dealing with problematic perishable markets such as Alaskan seafood and pharmaceuticals. Tednologies offers several lease options for our RKNs. Leasing the containers ensures that the critical maintenance and inspections are being completed in a timely manner for all TEDSBOX® RKNs.


Meet Our President: Don Harman

Don is the founder of Tednologies and inventor of the TEDSBOX® RKN. He is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 1981 with a Bachelor in Aeronautical Science and a Bachelors in Aviation Maintenance Technology. Don spent the first part of his career in maintenance and repair operations at Alaska Airlines. As the senior aircraft mechanic and maintenance supervisor he witnessed firsthand the multitude of issues faced in Aviation based cold chain logistics.

Don has been on the forefront of temperature controlled logistics for 15 years. From floral and fish to pharmaceuticals, Don has dealt with it all. He has an innovative approach to finding and developing solutions for a variety of cold chain issues. Seeing the need for a more general long term solution, Don designed the TEDSBOX® RKN.

What is cold chain?

Cold chain refers to the storage and distribution activities that occur under temperature-controlled conditions, preserving and extending the shelf-life of products including pharmaceuticals, florals, Alaskan seafood, produce and frozen or temperature-sensitive foods. The TEDSBOX® RKN covers all common temperature ranges required in cold chain logistics.